Bridges & Borders (Spring 2010, Volume 1, Issue 2)

Welcome to the second issue of the Journal of South Texas English Studies in which we examine the theme “Bridges and Borders: Exploring the Confluence of Languages, Disciplines, and Cultures.”

In the links below, you will find scholarly articles which touch on the treatment of Jews during the Romantic Period, the use of the Virgin of Guadalupe as a symbol for multiple causes, border crossings as a rite-of-passage, Gloria Anzaldua's Borderlands, and the role of women concerning the issue of spirituality. We also have poetry by Nathanael O'Reilly and Ismail S. Talib, a creative nonfiction piece by William Guajardo and several book reviews.

I hope you enjoy.

Andrew Keese

Scholarly Articles

Hyman Hurwitz and the Possibilities and Limitations of the Sympathetic Imagination in the Work of Hazlitt, Wordsworth, and Coleridge

“Hers is But the Common Lot of all her Protestant and Infidel Sisters:” Margaret Fuller and the Restrictive Language of Spirituality

Making Room for Guadalupe

Gloria Anzaldua’s Borderlands: Pathway to a Pluralized Persona

Border Crossing as Rite-of-Passage

Creative Nonfiction

Echoes of Conrad’s Congo


Nathanael O'Reilly

Ismail S. Talib

Book Reviews

Oscar Casares’s Amigoland

David Ellis’s Death & the Author: How D. H. Lawrence Died, and Was Remembered

Ariana Franklin’s Mistress of the Art of Death

Author Bios