The Sacrifice of Survival (Winter 2018; Volume 7, Issue 1)

At long last, hello and welcome to our Winter 2018 issue (Volume 7, Issue 1): The Sacrifice of Survival.

Submissions for our Summer 2018 issue with the theme of "Confronting and Combating Othering in English Studies" are no longer being accepted. However, the new Call for Papers for our Winter 2019 issue (Archival Research: Discovery, Truth, and Imagination) is now live. For more information, we welcome you to click HERE

-Valerie Garza and Natalie Garza, Editors

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Scholarly Articles

Nan Darbous Marthaller

David Rampton

Kristin Leonard

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Book Notes

Diana Dominguez

Valerie Garza

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  1. Grammarly Cost
    Language is an important part of expressing ourselves to the whole world. It is needed while we are speaking to someone and also when we are writing something. The language that we talk often tends to have colloquialisms, and the grammar isn't always perfect. But it does reflect into our writings. Along with that, we aren't always able to write in perfect grammar.

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