On The Edge: Exploration of Liminalities and Extremities in English Studies (Fall 2011; Volume 3 Issue 1)

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Welcome to our Fall 2011 issue (Volume 3, Issue 1), wherein we explore how liminality intersects and clashes with the concept of extremities.

Liminality is a state of being that is neither in nor out, neither belonging to or excluded from, neither conscious nor unconscious, neither full nor empty; but, liminality holds within that in-between existence great power for effecting change. The concept of the extreme, on the other hand, encompasses the concept of the fringes of society, religion, politics, ideology, and literature that threaten to pull us apart. Can liminality (the in-between) and extremity (the outer edge) inhabit the same space? Can they be one and the same at times, or are they always at odds with
each other? Can we navigate and inhabit the borders and boundaries of our world - the ambiguous space between two other spaces - and not lose ourselves or our identities? What kind of power do liminal and extreme spaces and existences exert on us and others?

Within this issue you will read fascinating scholarly articles that deal with both liminality and extremity in literature and language, in identify formation, gender roles, the creative impulse, and the very essence of words.

Also included are poems by Timothy Collins, Prakash Kona, and Miriam Hernández, and book reviews by Daniel Perez, Beccie Randhawa, and Mimosa Stephenson - all of them addressing some aspect of this issue's theme.

Enjoy the issue and please feel free to post comments about any of the pieces published in this issue.

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