Literature: Its Pain, Its Pleasure (Spring 2011 Volume 2, Issue 2)

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Journal of South Texas English Studies in which we examine the theme, “Literature: Its Pain, Its Pleasure.”
In this issue, we ask what literature evokes in us. Can a text provoke, and can literature transform? Why do we find some texts comforting and satisfying, while others agitate and disturb us?In the links below, you will find scholarly articles that discuss the pain and pleasure of literature, how it challenges or reinforces cultural attitudes, exposes injustice, and advocates for change.
Also included in this issue are poems by Alan Oak and Chip Dameron, and book reviews by Diana Dominguez and Mimosa Stephenson.
Enjoy the issue!

Jenny Ashley and Don Crouse, Co-Editors
Journal of South Texas English Studies
Scholarly Articles
The Myth of the Monster in Mary’s Shelley’s Murder Mystery,

“What’s the World For If You Can’t Make It Up?”: Making and Remaking Morrison’s


Book Reviews

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